Volleyball tips: Improve your posture, Improve your level of play

January 31, 2011

From our friends at Crossover Symmetry, here’s a very quick primer on posture and the role it plays in athletic performance.

The things we do in our modern-day lifestyles — whether it’s hunching over our desks at work or slouching on the sofa in front of the TV — can lead to poor shoulder posture. We roll our shoulders forward, and that can lead to problems down the road in sports.

That’s true in volleyball, where shoulder and upper back strength are important.

Counterbalance forward posture
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Poor posture equals poor mechanics. For players in the front row, you’ll struggle to set and you won’t be able to get the most power possible out of your attacks. At worst, you can injure your shoulders.

So how do you avoid it?

Perform regular stretches and exercises to counterbalance your forward posture.

The primer includes a few examples to help. Those stretches and exercises keep the muscles in your shoulder girdle strong and tension-free, which will keep your shoulders in prime condition.

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New: Get a pair of Nike Women’s Performance Game Shorts for $16.99

January 27, 2011

Nike Women's Performance Game Shorts

Nike’s Women’s Performance Game Shorts are designed for comfort and performance.

And now you can get that comfort for less. These volleyball shorts usually retail for $29.99, but at Volleyball America, we have marked them down to $16.99.

They feature performance Dri-FIT fabric with an elastic waist. The lined crotch gusset provides durability and ease of movement while playing.

These shorts have a 3.75-inch inseam.

Get a pair for $16.99 at Volleyball America.

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Take aim with Tachikara’s The Setter Heavyweight Training Volleyball

January 20, 2011

Tachikara's The Setter Heavyweight Training Volleyball

Tachikara’s The Setter Heavyweight Training Volleyball is designed to help setters build hand and finger strength.

It’s the same size as a regulation volleyball, but this training volleyball is 75% heavier to help build strength through repetition. The bold scarlet stripe running down the center of the ball helps players identify the rotation of the ball.

Get it for $39.99 at Volleyball America.

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Work out in comfort with Augusta’s Racerback Tank Top

January 13, 2011

Augusta Girls Racerback Tank Top

It’s January, and that means it’s a great time to get fit for the new year.

Whether you’re running, training or putting in some at the gym, do it in comfort with Augusta’s Racerback Tank Top.

It’s made with 90% antimicrobial polyester and 5% spandex knit for a light fit that wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin. It’s available in seven different colors.

Get it for $14.99 at Team Express.

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Save $47 when you build a Nike volleyball uniform

January 12, 2011

This week only, you can save a total of $47 on our Nike volleyball uniform package.

This uniform — volleyball jersey, volleyball shorts and volleyball shoes — normally retails for $132.97. Get all three, and you can put together a uniform for just $85.97.

Without further ado, here is the uniform:

Nike Women’s Assasin Capped Sleeve Jersey (Was: $24.99, Now: $13.99)

Nike Women's Assasin Capped Sleeve Jersey

Nike Women’s Boycut Game Shorts (Was: $27.99, Now: $16.99)

Nike Women's Boycut Game Shorts

Nike Women’s Air Ultimate Dig Volleyball Shoes (Was: $79.99, Now: $54.99)

Nike Women's Air Ultimate Dig Volleyball Shoes

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Footwear Friday: Get the right kicks for your New Year’s resolution

January 7, 2011

It’s 2011, and that means it’s officially New Year’s resolution season.

According to a 2007 study by the University of Bristol, 78% of people who set New Year’s resolutions ultimately fail. Those who didn’t fail typically did three things: 1) Set small, incremental goals; 2) Received encouragement from friends and family; and 3) Recognized and overcame obstacles encountered along the way.

If your resolution this year is to exercise a little more, we can help with No. 3.

Exercising in old sneakers can present some major obstacles. Exercise in old shoes places much more stress on the joints and bones in your leg, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries like shin splints.

That’ll put an end to any New Year’s resolution.

The best way to overcome that obstacle is to plan for it. Find a quality pair of shoes, and when the sole begins to get worn out, replace it. That will keep you on track to meet your resolution.

If it’s time to replace your shoes, here’s a place to start. Here are three of our top styles of training shoes, for both men and women:

Mizuno Women’s Wave Nexus G2 Training Shoes ($79.99)

Mizuno Women's Wave Nexus G2 Training Shoes
The Composite Fan Wave midsole on the Wave Nexus G2 provides the right amount of cushioning and stability. The outsole is a combination of solid and blown rubber designed for flexibility and durability.

Reebok Women’s RunTone Action Toning Shoe ($99.99)

Reebok Women's RunTone Action Toning Shoe
Reebok’s Women’s RunTone Action Toning Shoe features eight balance pods that move air to create a unique softness with every stride. It also forces more activation in key running muscles.

Nike Women’s Shox Turbo+ 11 Running Shoe ($114.99)

Nike Women's Shox Turbo+ 11 Running Shoe
The Shox Turbo+ 11 running shoe features Nike’s Shox cushioning in the heel and a well-cushioned Phylon forefoot for a smooth, responsive ride.

Nike Men’s Air Diamond Trainer Training Shoe ($59.99)

Nike Men's Air Diamond Trainer Black/White Training Shoe
The Air Diamond trainer’s lightweight synthetic leather construction is designed for lightweight functionality. For comfort, the training shoe also has a full-length Nike Phylon midsole with Air-Sole units in the heels.

Adidas Men’s Excelsior 6 Training Shoe ($74.99)

Adidas Men's Excelsior 6 Training Shoe
This training shoe is designed to last. It features 10,000 cycle high-abrasion synthetic leather on the upper to protect against all elements. The full length EVA midsole provides maximum comfort.

Nike Air Men’s MVP PreGame Training Shoe ($81.99)

Nike Air Men's MVP PreGame Training Shoe
For comfort, the Air Men’s MVP PreGame Training Shoe includes a full-length Phylon midsole with a Tri Vis Heel air sole unit. The forefoot lateral outrigger enhances lateral stability.

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