Volleyball tips: Improve your posture, Improve your level of play

From our friends at Crossover Symmetry, here’s a very quick primer on posture and the role it plays in athletic performance.

The things we do in our modern-day lifestyles — whether it’s hunching over our desks at work or slouching on the sofa in front of the TV — can lead to poor shoulder posture. We roll our shoulders forward, and that can lead to problems down the road in sports.

That’s true in volleyball, where shoulder and upper back strength are important.

Counterbalance forward posture
Click for big (.pdf)

Poor posture equals poor mechanics. For players in the front row, you’ll struggle to set and you won’t be able to get the most power possible out of your attacks. At worst, you can injure your shoulders.

So how do you avoid it?

Perform regular stretches and exercises to counterbalance your forward posture.

The primer includes a few examples to help. Those stretches and exercises keep the muscles in your shoulder girdle strong and tension-free, which will keep your shoulders in prime condition.

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